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News Fighters

Nov 29, 2020

In honour of our 50th episode we’ve cobbled together a very special episode of our favourite bits from past episodes, covering everything from the 2019 Australian federal election through to the COVID 19 pandemic and Scott Morrison’s Black Lives Matters protest reactions. Includes highlights from guest hosts Mark Humphries and Michael Chamberlin.


01:50 - Bill Shorten’s deft performance in the federal election debates (from episode 12, April 30 2019 and episode 14 May 6 2019)

05:02 Mr ScoMo goes to Washington - guest hosted by Mark Humphries (from ep 25, Sept 21 2019)

08:22 Australia’s Bushfire Crisis (from ep 28, Nov 22 2019)

10:48 UK Election Preview and Jeremy Corbyn’s adversaries (from ep29, Dec 5 2019)

13:00 ANZ bank’s Mardi Gras PR fail - featuring guest presenters/writers Michael Chamberlin and Bec Shaw (from ep32, Feb 24 2020)

17:07 Hey Hey it’s the Coronavirus Pandemic (from ep 35, March 13 2020)

20:25 Keep calm and go to work but also stay home! (from ep 37, March 26 2020)

23:13 Scott Morrison’s Black Lives Matter Memes moment (from ep 43, June 6 2020)


Produced, written and presented by Dylan Behan. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed and helped out since episode one: Dan Ilic, Stefan Pazur, Mark Humphries, Michael Chamberlin, Bec Melrose, Bec Shaw, Rodney Todd, Alex Godwin, Jasmine Rule, Raph Stephens, Matt Finley, Chris Taylor, Greta Lee Jackson, Josh Szeps, Tom Cashman, Dave Bloustien, Lauren Bonner, Jake Stone and Matt Lane.

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